Hello OTGers,

We are a little less than 1 week out from our adventure in Chiapas, Mexico. By now you've booked your plane tickets and have probably spent a little time thinking about the breath-taking trails, delicious food or that warm Mexican sun you'll experience while down south. We can't blame you for daydreaming your way out of these frigid temperatures but before you pack your bags lets go over what to put in them.  


Bond Running has put together a little list to help you pack for your OTG adventure in Chiapas, Mexico. The printable packing list will make sure you bring everything you need and avoid packing unnecessary items. We’ve broken the list down by item, provided a checklist and included a section for other essentials you’ll need to ensure you have a great time on your trip.

All items marked with B✓ can be purchased at Bond Running. All others can be found at MEC. Bring your checklist into the store and we’ll help you pick out everything you’ll need. As an added bonus, showing us your checklist will get you 20% off your purchase! If you’re interested in a new Garmin GPS watch, all orders will need to be placed by January 7th to ensure they arrive on time. 

OTG Packing List Printable BW.jpg


Road Running Shoes 

Pack a pair of road running shoes for the days when you’re not in the mountains. Lightweight, breathable and adequate cushioning (your feet will thank you). Bring a model you’re currently comfortable running in to prevent any unnecessary discomfort. 


Regardless of your preferred length (2.5”, 4”, 6” or 9”) ensure you pack a few pairs of fast drying shorts. Make sure you’re comfortable with the fit and there is no chafing. 


Not just for racing, you’ll need a few singlets in your bag for when the temperatures rise. Look for cuts that don’t restrict your movement made from breathable materials. 


Three things to remember when looking for tees: Quick drying, lightweight and breathable. Opting for a lighter colour when in the sun will help you stay cool. 

Long Sleeves 

Yes, you still need long sleeves in Mexico. Look for breathable, quick drying materials for day and textured knits or merino blends for morning and night when the temperature drops. 


Protect your face and head from the sun with a quick drying, packable hat. We suggest a hat from Ciele for its wickable material, pliable construction (you can cram it in your back with zero consequences) and UV protection panels.   


Trail Running Shoe 

Mountainous terrain calls for shoes with an aggressive lug (tread) and depending on the footing, a rock plate. A rock plate is a protective material in the midsole that protects your foot when stepping on rocks or other sharp objects.  For wet conditions we suggest a waterproof shoe, think Gore-Tex. 

Hydration Pack 

Dehydration can set in fast, especially when running in hot temperatures. Hydration packs are an easy and convenient way to ensure you have enough water with you on the go. Look for a pack that fits your body and has minimal movement. 


Running sunglasses should fit your face and nose correctly, meaning they stay in place when you’re running, and provide adequate UVA and UVB protection.  Brands like District Vision have adapted different lenses for different types of sun coverage - yellow for low light (think sunrise and sunset), rose for trail running, and grey or black for all day wear.

GPS/HRM Watch 

Does the run even count if it’s not on Strava? Joking aside, GPS watches are helpful when tracking your pace, time and distance. Those with added heart rate monitor features will help you know when you should hold back or surge ahead based on your current heart rate. Advanced watches, like the Garmin Fenix even have mountaineering and mapping features. 

Quick Dry Towel 

A quick dry towel proved very helpful on previous OTG trips. Many contain antibacterial properties, absorb water quickly and dry in a flash.


Energy Gel and Hydration Mix 

Fueling is important on any longer run but is crucial when you’re running long in unknown terrain. Replacing the nutrients your body has used during activity could mean the difference of enjoying the run and struggling to finish. Generally for runs over 60 mins plan to fuel every 30-45 minutes. We offer a few great options from Skratch, Endurance Tap, and Maurten.