Canadian Runner Takes on the Barkley Marathons

Vancouver's own, Gary Robbins travelled to Tennessee for the 2016 Barkley Marathons and made it further than any Canadian in the history of the race has.  A truly unique race that is difficult to explain and next to impossible to complete, Barkleys calls for participants to tear a page from specific books to prove they reached the checkpoints. 

Robbins was running on about 90hrs without sleep and made it four and a half loops into the five loop course before time expired.  His sleep deprivation caused him to make a key navigational error, wander in circles through parts of the forest and hallucinate.  

A fixture on the trail and ultra running scene for years, Robbins plans on returning to the tough terrain of Frozen Head State Park in the near future to complete one of the worlds most bizarre races.

Peep Robbins' race recapp here