Musings from Off The Grid:

The Speed Project

So we are a few days out from running The Speed Project and things are all in place. 

It turns out having all of the information can be just as scary as not having enough. We’ve got enough maps, guidelines for runners and drivers, lists, and aerial photographs to make the most worrisome person even more worried. My type A personality likes getting lots of info but I'm definitely suffering from a bit of information overload.  

The past concerns of snakes and wild dogs and the new, potentially more serious problem of desert-roaming-meth-heads, will be dealt with in a manner that threatens to be more violent than I would care for. Our LA based contact has secured us pepper spray, stun guns, an RV and muscle.  We graciously turned down (for now) real guns, and a bike gang.  

It has been nice to have these types of concerns to distract me from the fact that I’m about to run 90km in two days through LA streets, Death Valley, and into Vegas. Collectively our team of 6 runners and 2 supporters will cover 340 miles. How does one prepare the body and, possibly more importantly, the mind to take on a challenge like that? I don't think there is one correct answer but any answer would have to involve running a lot.  

The time for preparation is done, we are days away so its too late to make up for missed training sessions. The only thing left to do is step outside of our comfort zones and enjoy the adventure; I just hope the desert-roaming-meth-heads can’t keep up.