Off The Grid doesn't happen without the effort, time and sacrifices of these supporters, collaborators and teammates

G6 Climbing Apparel/Low Gravity Design  


What started as a few T-shirts for a weekend away with friends has developed into a growing business with a meaningful identity in the Canadian climbing community. 

James Koka started his printing business making custom designed rock climbing appareal (G6 Rock Climbing Appareal), but has since expanded to print for local run clubs including Parkdale Roadrunners, Blacktoe Running, Castle Runners, Tribe Fitness and companies such as Nike and New Balance under the name "Low Gravity Design". James loves the outdoors, is an avid runner and has supported us, at Off The Grid, from the start by being a willing participant and providing great and timely service. Since both OTG and G6/Low Gravity Design were born out of active lifestyles and a need to escape the hustle of the city it only makes sense that a quality, rock-solid partnership has developed.