Off The Grid Podcast | Ep #1 | Stories From Outside The Comfort Zone

Off The Grid started with a problem. 

Running in the city is fun, challenging, fluid, exciting and lends itself to making good friends quickly. We have busy lives, and our weekly Run Crew meet-ups provide opportunities to find out more about each other while heading in the same direction. 

But the city is demanding. There are many things competing for our attention and time. We all want things, too. Big things, like better times, faster paces, fitter bodies, calmer minds and success in just about everything we do. City people choose to stretch themselves beyond what may be humanly possible. Or was - once. 

All of this is good and necessary for evolution - personally, professionally, athletically. But the body & mind require time and space to assimilate everything we put them through in the name of progress & success. 

We thought to ourselves, wouldn't it be great to get away for a bit. But not away from our friends and fellow runners. We wanted to go with them, and experience some new things in new places but with the same community.

That's when we started to solve the problem. 

Listen to the podcast. We're telling the story in our own voices. And we hope to tell more of them as time goes on as we meet people who have their own stories of escaping the comfort zone.